Dierbergs and McBride Homes to Develop Crestwood Mall Site

 Clayton Engineering Company is providing survey and consulting design support for the redevelopment of the Crestwood Mall Site.  Dierbergs Markets and McBride Homes will be breaking ground April of 2022 and we are proud to be a part of this development.

An article in the St. Louis Business Journal is located here: Dierbergs Crestwood Article

A link to the Dierbergs Markets website is located here:  Dierbergs Markets Article

A link to the KMOV news article is located here:  KMOV Article

Hot Industrial Market

Clayton Engineering Company has been a part of several survey and civil design warehouse projects throughout the St. Louis area. It has been a pleasure working with Kadean Construction at three different concurrent builds at the Aviator Business Park. We look forward to many more projects with the team!!

An article in the St. Louis Business Journal recently covers the ever expanding industrial market. A link is located here: Aviator Business Park Article

Mehlville High School Hosts Career Fair Day

Clayton Engineering was honored to participate in Mehlville High School’s Career Fair. We look forward to hearing from some of these future land development professionals again. Best of luck to these graduating high school students!

Oakville High School STEM students work with Clayton Engineering survey crews

The passing of the 2021 bond issue will provide building and site improvements to several schools within the Mehlville School District.  The Oakville High School STEM program is engaging their students in the development and design process to issues that affect their campus.  The STEM program will allow student input to the new features being developed within the courtyard area at the high school.  The photos depict students engaged in the survey process, the first step in determining existing site conditions.  Students were able to learn about the different types of equipment used to collect topography to be used in developing design plans.  The STEM program will further aide in the design process.  Students will be able to provide design input which will ultimately be constructed on their campus.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with the program and mentor and educate future engineers and surveyors.

Ameren Missouri Opens New North Operations Facility

The Clayton Engineering Company provided construction staking services for the Ameren North Operations Facility.  Highlights of the project include a 19,6000 square foot office building for administrative offices and a crew area, a 26,000 square foot open truck shelter for 42 trucks, a 6,400 square foot storage building and a 4,400 square foot 3-sided trailer storage building.

A link to the St. Louis Business Journal is located here: St. Louis Business Journal Ameren North

Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognizes Clayton Engineering as a Silver Level Workplace

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has recognized The Clayton Engineering Company as a Silver Level Workplace, with 80% – 89% of all employees having received their Covid-19 vaccine.

The COVID Stops Here campaign recognizes Missouri workplaces that have achieved widespread vaccination. We are celebrating employers that are leading the fight against this virus — and encouraging more Missouri workplaces to join their ranks.

As we urgently work to stop the spread of coronavirus — including the dangerous new Delta variant — employers are playing a very important role.

We encourage employers across Missouri to talk to their staff members about the need to get vaccinated and keep track as more staff members get vaccinated.”

Mehlville School District Bond Issue Passed By Voters

The Clayton Engineering Company is the Civil Engineer and Surveyor for the Mehlville School District.  The district will be making improvements to quite a few schools within the district as part of the bond issue recently passed by voters.  We look forward to being a part of the team.

An article in the Call Newspaper is located here: Call Newspaper-Mehlville School District

2020 List of St. Louis’ Largest Construction Projects

The Clayton Engineering Company is the Civil Engineer and Surveyor for the new Cortex office building project.

An article in St. Louis Business Journal is located here: Cortex is listed at #22

An article in STL Today is located here: Cortex Expansion Article

Locust Street Apartments Under Renovation

Clayton Engineering is the Project Surveyor with Pinnacle Contracting’s 1815 Locust project for Screaming Eagle Development.

An article in St. Louis Business Journal is located here: 1815 Locust Street Apartments

South Tech High School to receive new security vestibule.

South Tech High School is set to receive a new security entrance. The 2,444 square foot addition is planned to be open in 2021. The vestibule will be constructed in combination with a new bus canopy.

An article on St. Louis Call Newspapers.com is located here: South Tech High School Security Entrance